Dog Friendly Design

Designed with your Dog in Mind                                                                        

Pet friendly garden plans offer pet owners guidelines to create outdoor living spaces that    can be enjoyed by all family members. The key to success is to balance your want for a beautiful garden with your needs and those of your best friend. Your garden is designed with your pet in mind with a layout custom built to fit your pet’s habits and behavior.

Sustainable practices set the tone for a healthy outdoor environment for all concerned. Hardscape materials are chosen to minimize mud and dirt tracked into the house with surfaces located where you need them the most. Appropriate plant material is carefully selected for “pet-safe” qualities and dog- tested durability. Your animal’s safety and well being is a priority in the planning process.

Enhance your dog’s outdoor time by providing a shady spot to nap during the dog days of summer or a warm spot soak up the sun on an occasional sunny winter day. Pet friendly features include a digging pit for your terrier, a dual purpose water feature/water fountain for your thirsty hound or an open space for agility training. A paw washing station placed conveniently makes cleanup simple after a trip to the river.

Contact Melinda. Let’s talk about making changes to enrich both yours and your pooch’s outdoor experience.


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